The Artist

I am a painter, photographer former mechanical engineer. The core of my work is based on a protest and a reflection on gender, social and racial aspects of our society, mostly because of my background in the suburbs of Paris and because of the reality of our actual society.

I founded the studio AnalogDream that creates audiovisual installations where the centre of the installations are the cognitive paintings.

This themes are transported in my cognitive paintings. In the painting ’s background, there are self-engineered led screens that are connected with sensors that react to their environment.

The cognitive react to the actions of the viewer and so they are a tool of empowerment as much as self reflection.

The team of the studio grew progressively and consists actually of a team of 5 people. It includes a software developer, a mechanical engineer, a light and a mechatronic engineer as well as a visual director and sound designer. Together we develop cognitive paintings and collaborate for performances with dancers, actors and sound designers.