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Dear intimate ones, dear friends,

I invite you to listen to your heart, and observe. My paintings will watch you, hear you. They know who you are and if you dare to come close enough to one of them they will begin to talk to you, to react to you, to try and know you.

The layers of an oil painting are like the various layers of our lives: at times some are visible and others are hidden. By using artificial intelligence to illuminate my paintings according to the viewers’ interactions with them, a space is created where layers of intimacy can be shown, where the hidden can come to the surface, and where a work of Art gains its own autonomy.

In my various studio exhibitions I hope to present you with a series of events that will touch your senses profoundly. These events will break the boundaries between: theatre, dance, and conceptual performance.  You will be submerged and propelled by the actors, the costumes, the music and the dancers towards an aesthetic experience that can only be described as all encompassing.

Jonathan Apelbaum